Day: September 10, 2021

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New Video Upload : Surviving 9/11

Surviving 9/11

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Beautiful Soup 4 Tutorial #2 – Searching and Filtering

If you’ve followed my work in the WinRT and UWP space, then you know how much I used screen scraping technologies to create Windows Phone versions of apps to life. (Don’t laugh) 🙂 In this video, Tim from Tech with Tim is going to be going over how to search for more advanced things using […]

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning Course for Beginners

Learn the theory and practical application of machine learning concepts in this free comprehensive course for beginners. 💻 Code on GitHub Course Time Stamps: (0:00:00) Course Introduction (0:04:34) Fundamentals of Machine Learning (0:25:22) Supervised Learning and Unsupervised Learning In Depth (0:35:39) Linear Regression (1:07:06) Logistic Regression (1:24:12) Project: House Price Predictor (1:45:16) Regularization (2:01:12) Support […]

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