Day: September 7, 2021


Infra as Code in Action: Secrets management

April Edwards and Christopher Maneu are back for part two of this four-part series, Infra as Code in Action. Today, they’ll be talking about secrets management! Is it really important to keep secrets? Yes! And there’s more to it than keeping secrets including auditing and key rotation. Chris will demo zero-code change secured credentials with […]

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SQL Server

Brent Ozar Answers Your Questions About SQL Server from Reykjavik Harbor

The one and only Brent Ozar answers your SQL Server questions about SQL Server from Reykjavik Harbor.

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AI Computer Vision Virtual Reality

This AI Creates Virtual Fingers

Two Minute Papers examins the  paper “ManipNet: Neural Manipulation Synthesis with a Hand-Object Spatial Representation.”

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Career Data

Data Analyst Expert Full (and FREE!) Course

Looking for a career, check out Data Analyst as an option. Why become Data Analyst? By 2020, the World Economic Forum forecasts that data analysts will be in demand due to increasing data collection and usage. Organizations view data analysis as one of the most crucial future specialities due to the value that can be […]

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How to Build a Search Box in Excel

In this step-by-step overview, learn how to add an advanced search box to your Excel workbook from Kevin Stratvert. You can insert a search box with no knowledge of VBA or coding. Imagine you have a cookie customer list, and you want to find the chocolate chip cookies, you can insert a search box to […]

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Apple Virtual Reality

What is LiDAR and Why is It on Apple Devices All of a Sudden?

Recently, I got an iPhone 12 Max and I’m going around everywhere I go 3D scanning things with the built-in LiDAR. As to why said LiDAR sensor is there in the first place, my only explanation is augmented reality and/or VR. Here’s a review of how the technology works. With the launch of the Apple […]

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How Apple Just Changed the Entire Industry with the M1 Chip

ColdFusion TV explains why the M1 chip will have a lasting impact on the entire computing industry.

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