Beautiful Soup 4 Tutorial #1 – Web Scraping With Python

If you’ve followed me in my WIndows 8/UWP developer days, then you know that I’ve done a lot of screen scraping in C#.

Here’s a tutorial on how to web scrape in Python with Beautiful Soup 4.

Beautiful Soup 4 is a web scraping module that allows you to get information from HTML documents and modify them as well.

In this video, Tim from Tech with Tim be giving an introduction/walkthrough to Beautiful Soup 4.


  • Beautiful Soup Docs:
  • Code In This Video:
  • Fix Pip (Mac):
  • Fix Pip (Windows):


  • 00:00 | Overview
  • 01:26 | Beautiful Soup 4 Setup
  • 02:51 | Reading HTML Files
  • 05:50 | Find By Tag Name
  • 07:45 | Find All By Tag Name
  • 09:44 | Parsing Website HTML
  • 12:50 | Locating Text
  • 13:53 | Beautiful Soup Tree Structure


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