Day: September 4, 2021


Beautiful Soup 4 Tutorial #1 – Web Scraping With Python

If you’ve followed me in my WIndows 8/UWP developer days, then you know that I’ve done a lot of screen scraping in C#. Here’s a tutorial on how to web scrape in Python with Beautiful Soup 4. Beautiful Soup 4 is a web scraping module that allows you to get information from HTML documents and […]

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Big Data Databricks

Observability for Data Pipelines With OpenLineage

Data is increasingly becoming core to many products and services. Whether to provide recommendations for users, getting insights on how they use the product, or using machine learning to improve the experience. This creates a critical need for reliable data operations and understanding how data is flowing through our systems. Data pipelines must be auditable, […]

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Uncategorized Windows

Windows 11 Pinball

The original Windows NT programmer for Windows Pinball reveals how Windows Pinball made it from NT to Windows 11 today. Dave was the original developer who wrote the XP port of Windows Pinball, and in this episode, he tells the story from the game’s original addition to Windows all the way to its removal, and […]

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