CODE RED: The Billion Dollar Buffer Overflow & How it Worked

How does a buffer overflow work and what does it have to do with CODE RED, one of the biggest security holes ever found (so far)?

Join retired Microsoft developer Dave Plummer as he explains how CODE RED was unleashed on the world and how it worked so that you can avoid the mistakes of the past. Dave explains how a buffer overflow works and develops one before your eyes so you can be prepared to defend against them.

For those with absolutely no sense of humor, this is a technical explanation of how a buffer overflow works so that diligent software engineers can avoid them in their code. You can’t protect against what you don’t even understand, so this explanation is to empower developers. Hackers are already well-acquainted with this decades-old problem. Even someone doing ‘ethical hacking’ should know how this all works in order to perform even basic penetration testing, etc.


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