Day: September 1, 2021

Machine Learning TensorFlow

Keras Full Course for Beginners

Keras is a high-level, deep learning API developed by Google for implementing neural networks. Written in Python, it is used to make the implementation of neural networks easy. Keras is relatively easy to learn and work with because it provides a python frontend with a high level of abstraction while having the option of multiple […]

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Science Security

Is the Universe is Hostile to Computers?

Can tiny particles from distant galaxies trigger glitches that have caused plane accidents, election interference and game glitches.

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Daily inspiration with Winston Churchill & JLD

As the calendar turns to September, my thoughts tend towards being consumed by memories of the day I came uncomfortably close to dying Recent events have done little to ease my mind, but then I saw this video by John Lee Dumas sent to me by Andy Leonard, co-host of Data Driven and brother from […]

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Learn to Use Databricks for Data Science

Data scientists face numerous challenges throughout the data science workflow that hinder productivity. As organizations continue to become more data-driven, a collaborative environment is more critical than ever — one that provides easier access and visibility into the data, reports and dashboards built against the data, reproducibility, and insights uncovered within the data.. Join Austin […]

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Security Windows

CODE RED: The Billion Dollar Buffer Overflow & How it Worked

How does a buffer overflow work and what does it have to do with CODE RED, one of the biggest security holes ever found (so far)? Join retired Microsoft developer Dave Plummer as he explains how CODE RED was unleashed on the world and how it worked so that you can avoid the mistakes of […]

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