Day: August 30, 2021

Chatbots Python

Building Your First Chatbot in Python || Rachael Tatman

This tutorial will cover the basics of Rasa, an open source library for building chatbots, including how words are translated into machine learning features and how the next conversation turn is picked. Then we’ll quickly build a simple bot together and answer audience questions. Dr. Rachael Tatman is a senior developer advocate at Rasa, where […]

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Developer Security

The Most Dangerous C Functions

If you’ve ever heard about a major security flaw in a program or operating system and wondered, “how could they let that happen?” then this video is for you. Retired Microsoft engineer Dave Plummer takes you on a tour of security features made for Windows XP SP2 and then details how to make some of […]

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The Best Free Coding Courses No One Is Talking About

Tiff In Tech shares some of the best free coding courses that no one is really talking about. Personally, I’m huge fan of EdX. COURSES Mentioned: Hack Reactor: EDX: Khan Academy: Skillshare Coding For Beginners: Coursera Programming for Beginners: Beginner PHP and MySQL Tutorial:

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Video Production

How to Make Animated Cartoon of Yourself in PowerPoint

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to make an animated cartoon of yourself in Microsoft PowerPoint. Start by using a free add-in called Pixton Cartoon Characters to create an avatar of yourself. You can choose the body type, color, hair, outfit, and the pose. Pixton remembers what characters you’ve created so you can quickly insert […]

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Data Driven Space

Tyler Browder on Brining the Cloud to Space, Kids, and Country Music

In this episode, Andy and I chat with Tyler Browder, the CEO and Co-Founder of Kubos, the world’s first cloud-based mission control software. Kubos’s “Major Tom” software is a cutting edge mission control platform for low-earth orbit satellites.  Data and space. Does it get any cooler than that? Listen below or on the show’s page […]

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The Lightning Algorithm

Here’s a bit of math to get your Monday started. This time Matt Henderson is making lightning in mazes.

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Learn Cyber Security In 12 Hours

This free Cyber Security full course helps you learn cybersecurity in 12 Hours. In this cybersecurity tutorial for beginners, you will learn the importance of cybersecurity, cybersecurity skills, what cybersecurity means, and the types of cyberattacks with a hands-on demo for each. This video also covers cryptography, ethical hacking, and the top cybersecurity certifications. Below […]

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Quantum Computing Science

Why is Quantum Mechanics Weird?

In her efforts to demystify quantum mechanics, YouTuber Sabine Hossenfelder, has done quite a few videos on the topic. In this video she explains exactly why quantum mechanics is weird. Is it entanglement or superpositions? Schrödinger’s cats? Not quite, really. But the famous Elitzur-Vaidman Bomb Experiment demonstrates well just why quantum mechanics is weird indeed. […]

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IoT Raspberry Pi

OpenAuto Pro / Raspberry Pi Head Unit with Android Auto Full Install Build

If you think about it, your car is basically a mini data center on wheels. Why not do a little DIY tech and experiment? YouTuber NovaSpirit provides this full build and install video for openauto pro on raspberry pi with android auto on his 2005 Subaru WRX

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Tesla D1 Chip – What is All The Fuss About?

Tesla has revealed more details about project Dojo and its D1 Chip. With 50 billion transistors and built on a 7nm process node, the D1 is designed for the training stage of machine learning. Now that Apple and Tesla have entered the chip making market, what does this mean for the established players like Intel […]

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