Day: August 19, 2021

Quantum Computing

Are Our Brains Quantum Computers?

I’ve often wondered if the consciousness we experience via a physical organ, the brain, has some connection to quantum mechanics. Searching on this term goes into some very odd places on the internet, but I think there may be something afoot going on at the sub-atomic level that science has not yet figured out. Here’s […]

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Learn How to Build Jenkins Pipelines

This Edureka video on “Create Jenkins Pipeline” will help you understand the basic concepts of a Jenkins pipeline along with a practical demo.

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Hackers Are Using Morse Code in 2021?!

To say that times are strange would be an understatement. Not only is the world in chaos, I recently saw a Judas Priest sticker on a minivan. In that context, Hackers using Morse code in 2021 isn’t all that odd. Time stamps 0:21 Hackers Revert To Morse Code 2:53 Free PCBs! (ad) 3:36 $600m Crypto […]

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Singapore’s Remote-Controlled Cyborg Insects

This video from Vice Asia, highlights a very sci-fi idea that is about to become reality. In the future, we may have remote-controlled insects to reach places humans cannot. At least that’s what Dr. Hirotaka Sato, an aerospace engineer from Singapore, is hoping. Motherboard went to Dr. Sato’s lab in Singapore to take one of […]

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Big Data

Dealing With Big Data – Computerphile

Big Data sounds may be a buzz word, and is hard to quantify, but the problems with large data sets are very real. Dr Isaac Triguero explains some of the challenges.

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