Day: August 18, 2021

Quantum Computing

Getting Started in Quantum Computing in 2021

Things are heating up in in quantum computing and evolving really fast.  There are a lot of opportunities in the quantum space, depending on what you want to do. Timestamps 0:00 FAQs! 0:27 What should your college major be? 4:00 Getting Research Experience 5:23 Getting Quantum Computing Experience for Anyone 7:24 What Programming Language for […]

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Big Data Data

You Can Do It in SQL

Learn how this one weird trick (Jinja templating) will supercharge your analytics workflows and help you do more, better, faster with SQL. Databricks,

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Natural Language Processing

Enhancing your Azure Health Bot

Join Adam Walker, Shreyan Fernandes and Meghana Chikkam live on Learn TV in the third of this four-part series on Azure Health Bot. The third week covers the Learn modules Enhanced Azure Health Bot, Integrate Azure Health Bot with a database and Channelized Azure Health Bot. In this episode, you will: – Learn about interrupting […]

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Azure Azure SQL

Azure SQL Security: Network Security

In this episode in the Azure SQL Security Series, Rohit Nayak reviews Network Security and Connectivity to Azure SQL Database. We start with the basics of public connectivity & associated network access controls and then move on to the various private connectivity options. This episode is a comprehensive resource for beginners to understand how connectivity […]

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A Fast Decision Rule Engine for Anomaly Detection

Here’s a great talk on a fast rules engine for Anomaly Detection. Best of all, it is open-source at We present a supervised anomaly detection approach that is scalable and interpretable. It works with tabular data and searches over all decision rules for the anomaly class involving one or two features. It creates a […]

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