Day: August 17, 2021


Scaling AI At H&M

This session is a continuation of “Apply MLOps at Scale” at Data+AI Summit Europe 2020 and “Automated Production Ready ML at Scale” at Spark AI Summit at Europe 2019. In this session you will learn how H&M is continuing to evolve and develop their AI platform in order to democratize and accelerate AI usage across […]

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How To Write Your First Python Application

Here’s a short 15 minute tutorial on how to get started in Python, by writing your first application. No tags,

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Two Scientists Are Building a Real Star Trek ‘Impulse Engine’

Given recent events on Earth, I imagine quite a few more people are looking to get off-world and out from this clown car. Researchers are working on a Star Trek like impulse engine that can help with that. Space may be the final frontier, but we can’t go far on rocket fuel. Now, two scientists […]

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How Personal Projects Make You A Better Developer

I’ve often felt that my personal projects have propelled my career faster than just about anything else. Here’s a great article on why that is. This is like when you let kids color outside of the lines. You start to think and see things differently. Plus you get to try different things in the process. […]

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