Day: August 13, 2021

AI Data Driven Future Podcasts

Azure Global Data Fest Keynote – Trends and Futures of AI

Here’s some special bonus content for our loyal podcast listeners, The following is the keynote for the Azure Cloud Events conference, wherein Frank talks about the future of AI and the top technologies to watch. Watch on YouTube: Press the play button below to listen here or visit the show page at

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How to Use Azure Monitor Metrics to Track VM Cache Health

Azure Monitor is a technology used to collect telemetry data from your Azure and on-premises environments. You can use Azure Monitor to improve performance and support the stability of your applications by identifying issues quickly. Azure Monitor includes Azure Metrics and Azure Logs to store telemetry data and track data in real-time and for historical […]

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Natural Language Processing

Data Science with OpenAI Codex

This video has no audio, but it will leave you speechless as OpenAI Codex converts natural language into code. Data Science may never be the same. No tags,

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Kafka Connect for Azure Cosmos DB – Episode 21

In this video, Mark Brown is joined by Abinav Rameesh to talk about and dig into the new Kafka Connector for Azure Cosmos DB. Kafka, with its rich ecosystem of source and sink connectors, enables microservices to communicate with each other while still being independent of the underlying databases. Learn more about the Kafka connector […]

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Keeping Identity Graphs In Sync With Apache Spark

The online advertising industry is based on identifying users with cookies, and showing relevant ads to interested users. But there are many data providers, many places to target ads and many people browsing online. How are users identified across data providers? The first step in solving this is by cookie mapping: a chain of server […]

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