Day: August 9, 2021


New Video Upload : Harborside Streaming

Harborside Streaming

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Quantum Computing

Quantum Technology | Our Sustainable Future

This new documentary feature from The Quantum Daily explores insights from leading quantum computing experts and tech giants such as Google, IBM, Oxford Instruments and Intel as well as start-ups such as PsiQuantum to discuss key sustainability topics, including how quantum technologies could reduce the energy required for complex computations even as demand continues to […]

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AI Natural Language Processing

Checking out a 6-Billion parameter GPT model, GPT-J

Here’s a look at a GPT model that was trained with 6 billion parameters and is available to experiment with. An actually-open-AI model is available for you to download the weights to and tinker with, GPT-J. It’s a 6 billion parameter large language model that can do long-form natural language generation, do programming, be a […]

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DataRobot AI For Absolute Beginners (Part 1) | Build, Train & Deploy an AI in 30 Minutes

In this video, learn how to build, train and deploy a machine learning model from scratch, leveraging real-world datasets to predict customer churn in the Telecom industry. Download the data and slides here:

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