Day: August 8, 2021


Hacker Group ‘Imperial Kitten’ Caught Catfishing…

There’s little to laugh about in the realm of cyber security. Fortunately, though, a creative group name brings a little levity to the situation. Time stamps: 0:00 Intro 0:27 ‘Imperial Kitten’ ‘Cat’fish defense employees 3:10 Major Telecoms Hack 6:11 Ransomware Gang Ransomed with uhh… Sources: […]

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Azure CosmosDB Data

How to Configure a Hybrid Cluster with Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra

In this video,  learn how to configure a hybrid cluster with Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra. If you need to create a self-hosted native Apache Cassandra Cluster from scratch in order to follow along with these instructions, we recommend this: Your existing cluster should be running Apache Cassandra version 3.x.x in order for […]

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Big Data Data

Democratizing Data Quality Through a Centralized Platform

Bad data leads to bad decisions and broken customer experiences. Organizations depend on complete and accurate data to power their business, maintain efficiency, and uphold customer trust. With thousands of datasets and pipelines running, how does one ensure that all data meets quality standards, and that expectations are clear between producers and consumers? Here’s an […]

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Data Visualization Virtual Reality

Making VR More Interesting With JavaScript and BrainJS

Did you know that you can start making VR apps right now with React. Once you have your VR app ready to go, you can go a step further and add Brain.js to use machine learning to make real-time updates to the UI and get insights on how users interact with your app. The implications […]

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C++ Full Course for Beginners

Despite there being a multitude of programming languages that are easier to learn, C++ remains a top choice for many reasons. It is, therefore, good to learn. In this C++ full course tutorial for beginners video, learn about the essential C++ topics and concepts that will help you understand C++ in a better way. You […]

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Bloomberg on the New Space Race

Governments, billionaires, big companies and eager investors are driving the global space industry to new heights — with breakthrough technologies creating new opportunities for exploration and profit. Alix Steel and Ed Ludlow from Bloomberg TV host a special report on the business of space.

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