Day: August 5, 2021

AI Speech and Voice

Creating an 86,000 Hour Speech Dataset with Apache Spark and TPUs

As part of its machine learning benchmarking efforts, MLCommons has built an 86,000 hour open supervised speech recognition dataset with a commercial-use license known as The People’s Speech, incorporating subtitled videos and audio in the public domain scraped from the Internet.

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Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse Shorts – Table Distributions

Chris Seferlis explains why Azure Synapse is one of the leading platform for Cloud Scale Analytics in any Cloud. Part of the reason for that is the flexibility and capability that is provided to build your analytic solutions that will work best for you and your data. Of course that starts with performance, and most […]

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Quantum Computing

Where Do We Go Next with Quantum Computing?

QC40 was a one-day virtual event that celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Physics of Computation Conference, which was jointly organized by MIT and IBM and held in the Endicott House on the MIT campus in 1981. We consider this conference a defining moment in the history of quantum computation. At QC40, we looked at […]

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Why Are Circuit Boards Green?

Why are PCBs so often green instead of another color?

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Power Apps

Moving SharePoint Based Power Apps to Dataverse for Teams

Are you considering moving your SharePoint based Power Apps to Dataverse for Teams? Learn the key differences and decision factors between SharePoint, Dataverse for Teams and Dataverse when choosing a data source for your Power Apps and Power Platform solutions. You’ll see a demo of how you can import a SharePoint Lists structure and data […]

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