Day: August 4, 2021


10 Architecture Patterns Used In Enterprise Software Development Today

Have you ever wondered how large enterprise scale systems are designed? Before major software development starts, we have to choose a suitable architecture that will provide us with the desired functionality and quality attributes.

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Drones Funny Science

What Happens If You Fly a Drone In An Elevator? Real Experiment!

In this video, the Action Lab guy flies a drone in an elevator to see what happens when the elevator goes to a different floor. Will the drone move with it or stay in its relative position? Then I also try to actively control the drone in order to see if I can keep it […]

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Data Warehouse Databricks

Architect’s Open-Source Guide for a Data Mesh Architecture

Data Mesh is an innovative concept addressing many data challenges from an architectural, cultural, and organizational perspective. But is the world ready to implement Data Mesh? In this video, review the importance of core Data Mesh principles, what they can offer, and when it is a good idea to try a Data Mesh architecture.

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Developer Uncategorized

What Are Microservices & How To Succeed With Them

In this video, Tim from Tech with Time will be going over microservices and their architecture. “! Timestamps 00:00 | Introduction 02:13 | What Are Microservices? 05:23 | Real World Microservices Example 07:41 | Microservice Architecture Example 08:09 | Dependencies 10:04 | Consistency 11:35 | Performance 12:37 | Scalability 13:38 | Security 14:04 | Conclusion […]

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Is Web Scraping Legal?

As someone who has written a fair amount of web scraping code, I often get asked the same question. Mariya explains it better: Web Scraping is the practice of extracting information from websites with the use of code only. It is widely used for automation testing, marketing, HR, data science (generating databases) and many more! […]

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