Day: August 2, 2021

Apple’s Machine Learning Researchers Have Developed A No-Code AI Platform Called ‘Trinity’ For Complex Spatial Datasets
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Machine Learning Researchers at Apple Have Developed A No-Code AI Platform for Complex Spatial Datasets

Apple’s machine learning research team has developed a no-code Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform called Trinity. This AI is designed to enable machine learning researchers and non-technical geospatial domain experts alike to experiment with different signals or datasets in order to solve problems on their own, such as complex issues that arise from the world around […]

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Asynchronous Programming in Python

Tech With Tim explains and explores asynchronous programming in python. This Python Async tutorial will cover the ‘async’ and ‘await’ keyword, coroutines, futures and tasks, and some basic features from the asyncio module in Python. This video is for intermediate programmers, and it’s recommended you have Python 3.7 or above.

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Quantum Computing

Does China’s Quantum Computer Surpass Google’s?

When you hear about Quantum Computers, you normally think of American companies like Google or IBM, but in 2020 China flipped the script with their new super powerful quantum computer. Find out the details on this episode of Super Freaky Science!

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One Dev Question with Larry Osterman: “What got you into computers?”

Larry Osterman explains the “aha moment” that got him into computers.

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