Databricks Lakehouse Overview Training

Databricks provides this course on Databricks Lakehouse.

In this course, you’ll discover how the Databricks Lakehouse Platform can help you compete in the world of big data and artificial intelligence. In the first half of the course, we’ll introduce you to foundational concepts in big data, explain key roles and abilities to look for when building data teams, and familiarize you with all parts of a complete data landscape. In the second half, we’ll review how the Databricks Lakehouse Platform can help your organization streamline workflows, break down silos, and make the most out of your data.

Please note: This course provides a high-level overview of big data concepts and the Databricks Lakehouse platform. It does not contain hands-on labs or technical deep dives into Databricks functionality.


No programming experience required
No experience with Databricks required


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