Day: July 9, 2021

Computer Vision Research

Recent Advances in Image Captioning and Image-Text Retrieval

Take a look at recent advances in Image Captioning, Image-Text Retrieval and Visual Question Answering using Scene Graph Parsing.

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Databricks MLOps

Learn to Use Databricks for the Full ML Lifecycle

Unlike traditional software development, ML developers want to try multiple algorithms, tools and parameters to get the best results, and they need to track this information to reproduce work. In this video, learn how to operationalize ML across the full lifecycle with Databricks Machine Learning.

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Covid Pandemic Power Apps

Using the Power Platform to track COVID-19 in Public Schools

In this episode of Less Code More Power, join Dona and Sarah who talk with Megan McCarthy, a Epidemiology Program Manager at Florida’s Department of Health in Sumter County.

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Linux Windows

Linux apps on Windows with WSL

Did you know that you can now run Linux apps that use a graphic user interface (or GUI) on Windows using WSL. In this video, Craig Loewen will explain what this means, what you can do with it, show us some demos, and tell us about a few additional new features for the Windows Subsystem […]

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