Databricks highlights how DoorDash scaled their ML prediction systems as their business grew.

DoorDash is a 3-sided marketplace that consists of Merchants, Consumers, and Dashers.
As DoorDash business grows, the online ML prediction volume grows exponentially to support the various Machine Learning use cases, such as the ETA predictions, the Dasher assignments, the personalized restaurants and menu items recommendations, and the ranking of the large volume of search queries.

The prediction service built to meet above use cases now supports many dozens of models spanning different Machine Learning algorithms such as gradient boosting, neural networks and rule-based. The service supports greater than 10 billion predictions every day with a peak hit rate of above 1 million per second.

In this session, we will share our journey of building and scaling our Machine Learning platform and particularly the prediction service, the various optimizations experimented, lessons learned, technical decisions and tradeoffs made.