With Azure Update Management you can manage operating system updates for your Windows and Linux computers in Azure, and with Azure Arc enabled servers you can also use the same Update Management solution in on-premises environments or in other cloud providers.

It’s not only for your Azure VMs, it also works with all your environment and provides you with a single pane of glass for your Update Management in hybrid and multicloud environments. It allows you to quickly assess the status of available updates on all virtual machines and physical servers, and manage the process of installing required updates for servers.

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Reza Dorrani  provides a first look at the new Power Apps Ideas feature announced at Microsoft Build 2021 which uses one of the most advanced natural language AI models on the planet, a model known as OpenAI GPT-3, to automatically generate Power Fx formulas based on natural language input.

Power Apps Ideas  converts Natural language input to Power Fx formulas.

Introducing Power Apps Ideas: AI-powered assistance now helps anyone create apps using natural language,