Day: July 3, 2021

Data Warehouse Databricks

Becoming a Data Driven Organization with Modern Lakehouse

I often say that “Data is the new oil,” but to transform it into anything useful, you need a high performing oil refinery. This talk by Databricks highlights the emerging “Lakehouse” pattern that’s taking enterprises by storm.

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Machine Learning

ML.NET June 2021 Update

Jon Wood highlights the latest updates to ML.NET.

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A Pattern In Primes

Peter Pike explains while prime numbers seem to show up randomly on the number line, they are built on very specific patterns.

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Big Data Microsoft Spark

What’s New in .NET for Apache Spark v1.1.1?

.NET for Apache Spark empowers .NET developers to participate in the world of big data analytics. In this episode, Jeremy chats with Michael Rys to discuss some of the new features and capabilities available in this release Related Links .NET for Apache Spark™ .NET for Apache Spark™ tutorial .NET for Apache Spark™ documentation

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The Strange History of Linux

Fireship traces Linux back to its roots to explain why there are so many distros.

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