Change data capture (CDC) records insert, update, and delete activity that applies to tables in SQL Server, Azure SQL Managed Instance or Azure SQL Databases. In this Data Exposed episode with Mara-Florina Steiu, we will cover common use cases and scenarios for CDC, discuss key technical implementation details, and try out a CDC demo.     


Here’s an interesting post from the Databricks YouTube channel about productionalizing ML.

At Intuit, we have deployed 100’s of Machine Learning models in production to solve various problems as below:

Cash Flow forecasting
Security, risk and fraud
Document understanding
Connect customers to right agents
With so many models in production, it becomes very important to monitor and manage these models in a centralized manner.

With very few open source tools available to monitor and manage ML models, data scientists find it very difficult to properly track their models. Moreover, different personas in the organization are looking for different information from the models. For example, the DevOps team is interested in operational metrics. Financial analysts are interested in determining the operational cost of a model and the legal and compliance teams might want to find if the models are explainable and privacy compliant.