Day: June 28, 2021

Cognitive Services Natural Language Processing

Leverage Cognitive Language Services to Analyze Text, Determine Intent & More

From Friday’s Azure Global Data Fest, Kiran Bakshi delivers a great talk on how to Leverage Cognitive Language Svcs to analyze text, determine intent and natural language.

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Azure SQL

Setup Azure SQL Database to use with Azure Static Web Apps

Azure SQL Database enables serverless and hyperscale scenarios, all backed by the enterprise-grade SQL Server engine. This video shows how to setup the database and update your website, in this case a map with real-time bus data, to use it. Related resources: Learn Live video covering the learning path: Data Exposed show (live and […]

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Interesting Science

Why Are There 7 Days In a Week? EXPLAINED

Today is Monday and every seven days, a Monday arrives. But why every 7 days? It’s Okay To Be Smart explains why.

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NVIDIA ISC21 Special Address

NVIDIA provides an in-depth overview of the latest news, innovations, and technologies in AI supercomputing from Marc Hamilton, VP of Solutions Architecture and Engineering.

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AI Bioinformatics

Leveraging Computing in Biomedical Sciences and Public Health

Computational tools, with their power in big data processing and complex pattern modeling, may play an important role in helping us push the boundaries of our medical knowledge and what can be done for public health. During the past few years, Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) has been actively exploring opportunities to leverage artificial intelligence and […]

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