Day: June 19, 2021

Video Production

Creating a Giant Sci-Fi Laser Gun in After Effects

I know that this is somewhat off topic for a site devoted to Data Science and AI, but it’s Saturday and I aspire to do more VFX laden videos. That and Film Riot is fun to watch even if you have no idea what they’re taking about. Plus, they show off some NVIDIA gear and […]

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Azure Developer

How to Integrate Authentication in Azure Static Web Apps

Learn how to manage and verify your users’ unique identity with authentication, to provide them a secure personal space in your Azure Static Web Apps.

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GameDev Javascript

Easy JavaScript Game Development with Kaboom.js

Learn how use JavaScript and Kaboom.js to create three classic video games. Watch how to create games similar to Space Invaders, Super Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda.

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AI Azure

Better Azure Content, Programs & Services via Applied Data Science

Lisa Cohen joins Scott Hanselman to explain how Microsoft uses data science to help Azure customers. Learn about content, programs, and services to guide you on your cloud journey while getting a glimpse behind the scenes into how data drives product investments. Related links: Data Science at Microsoft Find, try, and buy apps on Azure […]

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