Day: June 18, 2021


Nukes Targeted With Ransomware?!

Seytonic highlights the cybersecurity threats and news of the week, including a worrisome ransomware attack on a government contractor working on nuclear weapons. 

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Machine Learning

Jon Wood Announces New ML.NET Course

As I mentioned on a recent livestream, Jon Wood has a new ML.NET course on LinkedIn Learning!

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Databricks Machine Learning

Erin Ledell on AutoML

Databricks hosts this great show, called Data Brew and this episode they cover AutoML. Erin LeDell shares valuable insight on AutoML, what problems are best solved by it, its current limitations, and her thoughts on the future of AutoML. We also discuss founding and growing the Women in Machine Learning and Data Science (WiMLDS) non-profit.

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Exploring Cosmos DB’s New Compute Layer

You may know that Azure Cosmos DB is a multi-tenant database service. But did you know that there are new single-tenant services that customers are using? In this video, Mark meets Mei-Chin Tsai, Principal Group Engineering Manager on the Cosmos DB team. She leads the development of this new compute platform on the Cosmos DB […]

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