Day: June 4, 2021


New Video Upload : High Impact Thursday!

High Impact Thursday!

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How to Use Your Phone So That It Doesn’t Use You

Life hacker extraordinaire Tim Ferriss shows us how to make sure that we are not being used by our phones.

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Hardware Interesting

Inside China’s Accelerating Bid for Chip Supremacy

Bloomberg Quicktake explains how the world is dependent on Taiwan for silicon semiconductors called chips, which give devices like iPhones their functionality. This reliance has the U.S. and China both racing for technological independence.

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Containers DevOps

From Server 2012 to AKS with Azure Migrate

Vinicius Apolinario demonstrates how to move apps from legacy to Azure on Azure Migrate.  This new tooling helps containerize existing applications using Azure Migrate, an easy-to-use tool that removes the complexity involved in the containerization process. Learn more: Azure App Containerization ASP.Net: Containerize and migrate apps to AKS with Azure Migrate: Video – […]

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