Day: June 1, 2021

AI Data Driven

Chris Wexler on Using AI to Protect the Vulnerable

n this second episode of the fifth season, Frank and Andy speak to Chris Wexler about using AI to protect the vulnerable. Speaking of which, I would like to advise you, dear listener, that this show touches on some sensitive areas, namely child sexual abuse materials. If you have little ears or sensitive persons within […]

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Big Data Data Data Warehouse

Data + AI Summit 2021 – Full Thursday AM Keynote on Apache Spark, Data Sciencem and Machine Learning

Here is the entire AM keynote from the Data + AI Summit 2021. The pursuit of AI is one of the biggest priorities in data today. The Thursday morning keynote will be led by Databricks Co-founder and CEO Ali Ghodsi and cover advances in data science, machine learning, MLOps and more in both open source […]

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Azure Cosmos DB update: MongoDB 4.0, notebooks, and continuous backup | Azure Friday

Kirill Gavrylyuk joins Scott Hanselman to provide another Azure Cosmos DB update with several members of the Azure Cosmos DB engineering team. Related Links: Azure Cosmos DB’s API for MongoDB (4.0 server version): supported features and syntax Upgrade the API version of your Azure Cosmos DB API for MongoDB account Publish notebooks to the Azure […]

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Natural Language Processing TensorFlow

Use ML.NET to Score a Tensorflow Text Classification Model

Jon Wood recently streamed how to go over how to use a pre-trained TensorFlow model to predict sentiment within ML.NET.

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Developer Python

Getting started with Django

Django is one of the most popular web frameworks. Built on Python, it’s designed to streamline the process of creating data driven web applications. Anthony Shaw shows us how you can start creating projects with this framework. Learn more:

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