Day: May 5, 2021

Generative AI Python

Generative Python Transformer p.1 – Acquiring Raw Data

sentdex is on a quest to teach neural networks via transformers to write Python code as part of his Neural Networks from Scratch book.

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Automating Tasks as a Software Engineer

Learn how to automate some basic software engineering and life tasks using external libraries, bash functions, and aliases. What makes sense to automate and why? Should you automate everything you can? All these questions and more are answered here.  

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What If You Turn Off Your PC During An Update?

Linus explains what happens if your PC turns off while it’s updating Windows.

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Simplify Moving Resources Between Regions with Azure Resource Mover

Sujay Talasila joins Scott Hanselman to discuss various scenarios and benefits of Azure Resource Mover for moving your resources across regions using a seamless unified experience. Related Links: Azure Resource Mover overview Azure Resource Mover docs Azure Resource Mover now generally available: Move seamlessly between Azure regions Create a free account (Azure)

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Apple Google Privacy

What Your Phone Sends Every 5 Minutes to Apple or Google

Apple’s push into privacy may be mostly talk as a new privacy study analyzed which data smartphones transmit to Apple and Google, even with telemetry options disabled. It turns out, iPhones and Androids not only send a number of identifiers on average every 5 minutes, some network connections even include location and nearby devices. Professor […]

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Linus Torvalds on Why Desktop Linux Stinks

For the last 20 years, I kept hearing how Linux on the Desktop would go mainstream in “five years.” Linus Torvalds himself explains what the challenges are and why that has not happened.

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Why Coffee Is Getting More Expensive

Wall Street Journal explains why coffee prices are heating up, and experts say an even bigger price hike could be coming.

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How and Why Singapore Plans To Pipe Electricity From Australia

95% of Singapore’s electricity comes from burning natural gas. As Singapore is a small island, there is no room for sprawling solar or wind farms. What if you were to pipe in the electricity from a place with more land for solar and wind? The Australia-ASEAN Power Link is a mega-project looking to bring renewable […]

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