Day: May 4, 2021


How to Avoid and Manage Invoice Fraud with Applied Ai

Join Noelle Silver for This Week in Applied Ai to see how to Avoid and Manage Invoice Fraud with Applied Ai. 

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AI Research

Knowledge Distillation as Semiparametric Inference

Microsoft Research highlights this research topic on Knowledge Distillation. More accurate machine learning models often demand more computation and memory at test time, making them difficult to deploy on CPU- or memory-constrained devices. Knowledge distillation alleviates this burden by training a less expensive student model to mimic the expensive teacher model while maintaining most of […]

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Chatbots Power Apps

WestJet shares how Power Virtual Agents enable self service discovery on SharePoint Online

Lisa Eyamie from WestJet joined Customer Tech Talks to share how using Power Virtual Agents enabled them to stand up a chat bot to connect staff to the resources and knowledge stored in their SharePoint online environment. Reference Links: WestJet Case Study: Explore Power Virtual Agents: Power Virtual Agent Resources:

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Data Driven

Dave Wentzel on Why You Don’t Need a Data Warehouse

In this episode of Data Driven, Frank and Andy chat with Philadelphia Microsoft Technology Center Data Architect Dave Wentzel on why you do not need a data warehouse. Also, Frank discusses leaving Microsoft, Frank and Andy talk about five seasons of Data Driven, and even BAILeY has a sentimental moment.Show NotesComing Soon. Press the play […]

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