Day: May 3, 2021

Data SQL Server

Understanding the Benefits of Intelligent Query Processing

In this episode of Data Exposed, Kate Smith will take you through the basics of why query processing matters, what it does, and how Intelligent Query Processing makes your workloads faster and more efficient. Resources: The Positive Impact of Intelligent Query Processing – Microsoft Tech Community Intelligent query processing in SQL databases

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AI Research

Why AI is Harder Than We Think

Yannic Kilcher  explains how the AI community has gone through regular cycles of AI Springs, where rapid progress gave rise to massive overconfidence, high funding, and overpromise, followed by these promises being unfulfilled, subsequently diving into periods of disenfranchisement and underfunding, called AI Winters. This video he explores a paper which examines the reasons for […]

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Apple vs Facebook – The Great Privacy Fight

ColdFusion covers the Apple / Facebook fight over privacy.

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Machine Learning

How to Build the ML.NET Repository

Jon Wood shows us how you can fork the ML.NET code and get it to build successfully so you can eventually contribute to it.

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