Day: April 28, 2021

Quantum Computing

Sydney Student Helps Solve Quantum Computing Problem with Simple Modification

Sydney university student Pablo Bonilla, 21, had his first academic paper published overnight and it might just change the shape of quantum computing forever.

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Unboxing a Low-Cost Robot Dog!

Interbotix-TrossenRobotics  got a hold of theUnitree A1 and provided this unboxing video for our enjoyment.

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Jeff Clune on Artificial General Intelligence

In this kick off of CrossOver: AI 2020 Jeff Clune talk about the Great Acceleration and the future of AGI, or Artificial General Intelligence. The pandemic has accelerated the pace of digital change. More than ever, we need to use AI innovations to stimulate economic growth, build a healthier society and create business opportunities. Presentation: […]

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Azure SQL SQL Server

Storage 101 for Azure SQL and SQL Server Engineers

Learn how storage impacts the performance of your database solution. In this episode with MVP Argenis Fernandez, go over the basics of I/O, what the different access patterns are for the database engine and how to tell when there is an issue with underlying storage for your database. Resources: Argenis’ blog on IO Block Size […]

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Data Science Databricks

MLflow Integration with PyCaret and PyTorch

In this talk, hosted by Databricks, learn how to build reproducible AI models and workflows using PyTorch and MLflow that can be shared across your teams, with traceability and speed up collaboration for AI projects.

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Create Your First Virtual Healthcare Assistant with Azure Health Bot

In this talk via the Global AI Community  learn from Christina Pardali how you can easily build your own healthcare assistant using Azure Health Bot.

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