Day: April 27, 2021


New Video Upload : High Impact Tuesday

High Impact Tuesday

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Growing Your Business with AI and Machine Learning

Would you like to learn how Artificial Intelligence (Ai) and Machine Learning can help your business grow? What about how to prepare for the changes this technology will bring and what we’re seeing in the market? Check out this interview view ElectrifAi’s Nicole Woods. Find out more:

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AWS Interesting

Amazon Fulfillment Center Tour with AWS

I am fascinated by the speed and scale of how Amazon can deliver packages. Here’s a tour of a Fulfillment Center tour to see how Amazon associates, robotics, miles of conveyors, advanced automation and AWS come together to get packages to customers in only one day for Prime members.

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Power Apps PowerBI

Run a Flow in Power BI

April Dunnam highlights how you can run a flow from Power BI directly with the brand new Power Automate visual for Power BI. This new visual creates an “On Power BI button click” trigger for Power Automate that we can use to create instant flows in Power Automate that are triggered from a button click […]

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Interesting Research

FastNeRF: High-Fidelity Neural Rendering at 200FPS

Microsoft Research highlights recent work on Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) showed how neural networks can be used to encode complex 3D environments that can be rendered photorealistically from novel viewpoints.

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Neural Networks Quantum Computing

Are Quantum Neural Networks Relevant?

Classical neural networks have proven to be extremely powerful models that learn from data. Proposing a quantum variation of these already-so-successful models requires good reason. In this talk, Amira Abbas discusses how to quantify these properties and demonstrate that quantum neural networks can show potential on these fronts, but many open questions remain.

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Getting Started with Jupyter Notebooks in VS Code

Jupyter notebooks are the go-to tool for data scientists and they are popping up in a lot of places.. Claudia Regio shows how Visual Studio Code has native support for Jupyter notebooks.

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Power Apps

Intro to Power Apps Components and Custom Functions

April Dunnam teaches you everything you need to know about PowerApps Components and the brand new custom functions capability. Power Apps Components allow you to package and reuse controls and functionality throughout your app. We can use Component Libraries to curate collections of these components that we can reuse in multiple apps. The new Custom […]

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