Day: April 26, 2021

Quantum Computing

Quantum Coding with Dr. Sarah Kaiser

In this episode of CodeStories, Dr. Sarah Kaiser demos Hello World! in Q#, shares some quantum algorithms, and talks about how she got started as a children’s book author. Learn more: Part 1 Quantum Questions with Dr. Sarah Kaiser Learn Quantum computing Q# programming language user guide Azure Quantum Azure free trial […]

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Data Driven Podcasts

Carlos Chacon on Data Community, Family, & Messy Data in Legacy CRM Systems

In this episode, Frank and Andy speak to Carlos Chacon about data community, family, and messy data in legacy CRM systems Press the play button below to listen here or visit the show page at

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Machine Learning

Roadmap to Machine Learning

In this opening talk of Global AI Community, we will give an overview of Global AI Student Conference and talks ahead and outline the Machine Learning and AI Landscape.

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Databricks Spark

Advancing Spark – Runtime 8 2 and Advanced Schema Evolution

Another week, another new Databricks Runtime. Runtime 8.2 brings some nice functionality around operational metrics, but the big star of the week is the new Schema Inference & Evolution functionality available through Autoloader. In this video, Simon takes a look through simple schema inference, applying schema hints and watching the schema metadata evolve through the […]

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AI Cognitive Services

AI in Azure: Part 1 – Cognitive Services and Bots

Watch this video by Chris Seferlis  to get started with our API based Cognitive Services in Azure and a sample architecture of how to employ them with the Azure Bot Service.

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Data Data Science

How to Parameterize Notebooks for Automation in Azure Data Studio

Jupyter Notebooks bring a wonderful capability to hand someone a single file that contains both code, and instructions on how to run that code. What happens when you need to do the same thing as one of your existing Notebooks, but now you need to do it at scale? What if you could take your […]

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