Day: April 22, 2021


Azure Cosmos DB Conf – Keynote

Join Director of Product Management for Azure Cosmos DB, Kirill Gavrylyuk to kick off Azure Cosmos DB Conf. Kirill will highlight key Cosmos DB capabilities and recent announcements. Kirill will also be joined by some notable guests who will share their stories using Cosmos DB, including Anand Krishnamurthy, Group Engineering Manager, Microsoft Teams, Guillermo Rauch, […]

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AI Research

This AI Makes Beautiful Videos From Your Images

Two Minute Papers explores the paper “Animating Pictures with Eulerian Motion Fields” in this video.

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Can Nuclear Propulsion Take Us to Mars?

Real Engineering ponders the future of nuclear powered propulsion systems to get us to Mars a lot faster than the current technology in use in today’s space programs.

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How Update IoT Devices on an ISA-95 Industrial Network

How do you update IoT devices that are disconnected in a hierarchy of IoT Edge devices, like you would see in an Industrial IoT environment with an ISA-95 network? Device Update for IoT Hub and Microsoft Connected Cache preview IoT Edge module enables update for devices that are disconnected at any level of a hierarchy […]

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AI Bioinformatics

AlphaFold: The making of a scientific breakthrough

Here is the inside story of the DeepMind team of scientists and engineers who created AlphaFold, an AI system that is recognized as a solution to “protein folding”, a grand scientific challenge for more than 50 years.

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