Day: April 21, 2021


Get Unified Network Monitoring with Network Insights

Using Networks Insights to view health, metrics, alerts, and signals from all network monitoring tools in one place, Dalan Mendonca shows Scott Hanselman that there’s no need to scramble across tools to troubleshoot your network issues in Azure. Related Links: Azure Monitor Network Insights What is Azure Network Watcher? Network Connectivity Monitoring with Connection Monitor […]

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Blowing your mind with F# in CosmosDB

F# may be one the lesser known of the .NET programming languages, but it packs a punch when it comes to building applications. Watch Aaron Powell explain how it becomes even more powerful when combined with Cosmos DB.

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Is Air Cooled Actually Better Than Liquid Cooled?

If you can’t put your high performance PC under the water, then Tech Ingredients has an experiment that you may be interested in.

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Natural Language Processing Quantum Computing

Cambridge Quantum Pushes into NLP

Cambridge Quantum Computing recently hired Stephen Clark as head of AI Could this be a sign the company is boosting research into ways quantum computing could be used for natural language processing? The addition of Clark to CQC’s team signals the company will be shifting some of its research and development efforts toward quantum natural […]

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