Day: April 8, 2021


Disentangling AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

If you are looking to improve your skill set or steer business/research strategy in 2021, you most certainly have come across articles decrying a skills shortage in deep learning. Not that long ago, you would have read the same about a shortage of professionals with machine learning skills. In the earlier years of the 2010s, […]

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Advancing Spark – Bloom Filter Indexes in Databricks Delta

Data Lakes are notoriously bad at single record lookups, the kind of query where you are looking for a specific ID in amongst millions of records. Eouldn’t it be great if we could just pop an index over the top to speed this type of operation up? Turns out we can! In this video Simon […]

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AI Economics of AI

Is It Still Worth Getting into Front-End Development?

Kevin Powell answers a question that’s been on my mind lately: with the rise of low-code/no-code systems (along with AI), what will happen to UI designer jobs?

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Quantum Computing

Unlocking the Quantum Economy

The University of Chicago gathered leading experts from government, academia, and the private sector for an important announcement, followed by a virtual panel discussion hosted by the University of Chicago. Quantum technology is a rapidly emerging area that has the potential to transform industries in the same way that the Internet has reshaped the world […]

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Azure DevOps Security

DevSecOps: bringing security into your DevOps practice on Azure

Victoria Almazova joins David Blank-Edelman to discuss DevSecOps practices on Azure – what it is, why it’s so important, and how you can implement DevSecOps processes for your team.       Resources: Well-Architected Framework Security pillar ​ Azure Well-Architected Review ​ Secure DevOps DevSecOps in Azure​ Secure DevOps Kit for Azure ​ Secure Azure pipelines

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Computer Vision

Rapidly move your Vision AI project to production with VisionOnEdge

Putting together a demo or a simple proof of concept for your Vision AI at the edge project has become pretty simple. But bringing this project to pilot then to production can be daunting. Mahesh Yadav joins Olivier on this new episode to introduce the open source project VisionOnEdge which gives you all you need […]

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