Day: March 27, 2021

Career Data Science

How to Transition to Data Science from a Non Technical Background

Codebasics recently hosted this live stream is to provide career guidance to those who wants to transition to data science or programming career from non technical background.

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Deep Learning Python

AIQC: Framework for Reproducible and Rapid Deep Learning

AIQC simplifies data preparation and parameter tuning for batches of deep learning models without an expensive cloud backend. It empowers researchers by reducing the programming and data science know-how required to integrate machine learning into their research. It makes machine learning less of a black box by reproducibly recording experiments in a file-based database that […]

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Generative AI

An AI That Makes Dog Photos

Two Minute Papers explores the paper “Training Generative Adversarial Networks with Limited Data.”

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Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing Breakthrough: Modular Quantum Computers

A new breakthrough in the technology could really heat things up in quantum computing: Modular Quantum computing. Find out what challenges scientists are up against, and how taking quantum computers modular can help.

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How to Build an Excel Dashboards in Under 15 Minutes!

Learn the tricks that allow you to build an Excel Dashboard super fast. 

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