Day: March 11, 2021

Azure DevOps

How and why to learn about ARM templates

Barbara Forbes joins April Edwards to discuss her approach to learning Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates on her path to becoming a Microsoft MVP. Resources: Azure Portal Quickstart Templates  MS Docs- ARM Templates Visual Studio Code Microsoft Learn: ARM Templates  Barbara Forbes Azure & Automation Blog Watch more episodes in the Azure Enablement Show!

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Is Bayesian thinking a sham?

Here’s a thought provoking video by Julia Galef  There’s a common criticism that people who claim to practice “Bayesian thinking” aren’t actually doing anything special — they’re just using a fancy term to make their opinions seem more objective than they really are. In this video I explain why that criticism is misguided.

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Interesting Startups

How Jamie Kern Lima Sold IT Cosmetics for $ 1Billion

Yesterday, I reviewed Jamie Kern Lima’s book on a livestream. If you’re not already convinced that you’ll find value in her story, then check out this interview with Ed Mylett. “Champions aren’t made when the game is easy!” If inspiration was a person, Jamie would be it! Jamie Kern Lima started a makeup company in […]

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