Day: March 4, 2021


New Video Upload : Power Desktop Automate Experiments

Power Desktop Automate Experiments

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Natural Language Processing

NVIDIA Is Streamlining Natural Language Processing Development with Jarvis

Machine Learning with Phil explains how one of the big hurdles to rapid deployment of natural language processing applications is the lack of access to a fully integrated pipeline and state of the art models. Nvidia’s Jarvis Jarvis solves both problems by including everything you need to start developing enterprise grade solutions in a single […]

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Virtual Reality

Microsoft Mesh Hands-On Demo

Experience and build collaborative and shared, cross-platform mixed reality experiences with Microsoft Mesh. Take a hands-on tour with the co-creator of Mesh, Simon Skaria, lead engineer on Microsoft’s mixed reality team to see how Mesh works, experiences with the preview Microsoft Mesh for HoloLens 2 app and how you can build these experiences as an […]

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Power Apps

Microsoft Power Fx Overview

One of the big Power Platform announcements at Microsoft Ignite 2021 was Microsoft Power Fx. In this video April Dunnam breaks down what Power Fx is, discuss the benefits, what it means for you and the roll out plans.

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Device Update for IoT Hub

Device Update for IoT Hub is a comprehensive platform that customers can use to publish, distribute, and manage over-the-air updates for everything from tiny sensors to gateway-level devices. This platform is now in preview in the Western US, Asia, and Europe to keep devices and applications secure and updated. Keeping a network of IoT devices […]

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