Day: February 25, 2021

AI Speech and Voice

What’s new with Speech? Custom Neural Voice now in GA!

In this episode of the AI Show, Seth, Edward and Sarah talk about a recently GA’d feature called Custom Neural Voice.

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Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing – The Latest Breakthroughs

Things are starting to heat up in the quantum computing space. Tech Planet  looks at some of the newest quantum computers coming out!

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AI Machine Learning

5 Reasons Why F# is Great for Data Science and Machine Learning in 2021

F# is a fascinating language that I admit that I haven’t spent much time beyond a cursory look. Perhaps, I need to change that. Jon Wood goes over his top 5 reasons why F# will be great for machine learning and data science projects in 2021.

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On Prem To The Cloud: Lift and Shift (Ep 2)

Migrating to the cloud requires some investigation on the resources required.  Jay and Abel will look at how to begin the Lift and Shift process by reviewing the hosts and determining needs. Learn More: Sizes for virtual machines in Azure How to Migrate—Cloud Migration Strategy | Microsoft Azure Azure Migrate Free DevOps courses on Microsoft […]

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