Day: February 12, 2021

AI Security

PWNing WiFi With AI

It was only a matter of time before the world of AI, IoT, and cybersecurity would collide into a small portable device. Seytonic explores what Pwnagotchi can do.

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How to Convert an Image into a Matrix

Have you ever wondered how computers perceive raster images? In this video, Python Simplified shows you how to understand the math and structure behind digital pictures.

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Business Gaming

How Roblox Became A $30 Billion Company

More than half of the children in the United States play video games on Roblox. In fact, the massively popular gaming platform has grown so much during the coronavirus pandemic, the company’s valuation has skyrocketed from $4 billion in early 2020 to $30 billion in early 2021. What makes Roblox so popular?

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Quantum Computing

Quantum Mechanics Isn’t Weird, We’re Just Too Big

In this talk, Phillip Ball explains why quantum mechanics is not weird. Quantum computers rely on concepts such as superposition and entanglement that defy our intuitions about how things can behave. It’s often said that the world is quantum-mechanical and weird at small scales, and classical and familiar at human scales. I will challenge that […]

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Machine Learning Research

Automating ML Performance Metric Selection

Microsoft Research hosts this talk on Automating ML Performance Metric Selection From music recommendations to high-stakes medical treatment selection, complex decision-making tasks are increasingly automated as classification problems. Thus, there is a growing need for classifiers that accurately reflect complex decision-making goals. One often formalizes these learning goals via a performance metric, which, in turn, […]

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FinTech Python

How to Create a Stock Screener in Python

Learn how to use the Ameritrade API and program a stock screener with Pandas and Python in this freeCodeCamp course developed by Sam Focht from Python Basics.

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