Day: February 1, 2021

Developer Javascript

How to Build a Shopping Cart with React and TypeScript

In this tutorial by Thomas Weibenfalk learn the fundamentals and how to build a ReactJS shopping cart with Typescript, Material UI, Styled Components and React-Query. This tutorial uses a free open API for dummy data to the items in the shop. React-Query hooks is used for fetching the data from the API. Styled Components is […]

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AI Autonomous Vehicles

What is the Future of Autonomous Systems?

Gurdeep Pall, CVP of Business AI at Microsoft shares his thoughts on the positive impact that autonomous systems will have on our planet, economy, and lives.

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Podcasts Space

Natalya Bailey: Rocket Engines and Electric Spacecraft Propulsion

Lex Fridman interviews Natalya Bailey, a rocket propulsion engineer from MIT and now CTO of Accion Systems.

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Zone to Zone Disaster Recovery with Azure Site Recovery

With zone to zone disaster recovery, you can bring the power of Availability zones to augment your Disaster Recovery story. Siddharth Deekshit joins Scott Hanselman to show how you can now protect your Azure VMs by replicating them from one availability zone to another within the same region. Related Links: Enable Azure VM disaster recovery […]

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