Day: January 23, 2021

AI Developer

Rock, Paper, Scissors, and AI

Join Seth Juarez as he makes an intelligent online rock-paper-scissors game and a discussion about What’s new with Translator. Using machine learning game players should be able to interact with the game just as they would when playing with others: by making the appropriate hand gestures. We will also have a LIVE recording of the […]

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Rethinking Thinking: How Intelligent Are Other Animals?

Intelligence was once thought to be uniquely human. But researchers have discovered astonishing cognitive abilities in many other species—not just our close cousins like chimps, or fellow mammals like dolphins—but also crows, parrots, and even octopuses. If we consider the intelligence of swarms, we must add bees, termites, and ants to the list of super […]

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Scientists are using satellites to count elephants from space for the first time
Computer Vision Space

How to Count Elephants from Space

Satellites can provide a high resolution imagery of the earth which can provide great insights into the state of the earth, animals, and human activity. However, manually counting elephants from space is a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But a team of scientists leveraging AI led by the University of Oxford […]

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How to get started in AI development
AI Career

How to Get Started in AI Development

Artificial intelligence is becoming crucial for businesses that want to compete and survive. In fact, if you’re not using AI in 2021 , there’s a good chance you won’t be in business in 2022. This places a high demand for AI professionals. This post from Dataconomy provides a list of resource to get started in […]

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