Day: January 22, 2021

Mathematics Philosophy Fridays

Why the ‘Unreasonable Effectiveness’ of Mathematics?

What is it about mathematics that it can describe so accurately the world around us? In this talk that straddles the border of hard science and philosophy, Sabine Hossenfelder explains. From quantum physics, the very smallest features and forces of the foundations of matter and energy, to cosmology, the very largest structures and forces of […]

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Azure DevOps

Azure Boards with GitHub repos

In this episode of DevOpsLab, Abel and Dan discuss the different integration points between Azure Boards and GitHub.  We will answer the questions of: Why use Azure Boards for planning and GitHub for code? What are the benefits of using them both together and what is the Azure Boards App in GitHub? What problem does […]

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Computer Vision

NVIDIA’s AI Algorithms that Monitor Driver Attention

NVIDIA shares some of the recent research from its DRIVE labs that focus on driver behavior monitoring. In this DRIVE Labs episode, we show how DRIVE IX perceives driver attention, activity, emotion, behavior, posture, speech, gesture and mood. Driver perception is a key aspect of the platform that enables the AV system to ensure a […]

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How to use Multiple Cameras in Teams

With working from home being more and more common, what if there were a way to amp up your virtual meetings? Michael Feyrer Jr. details on how to use Multiple Cameras in Teams!

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Unboxing Spark Standalone Architecture

Big Data Engineering closely examines  Spark Standalone Architecture. Apache Spark has a well-defined layered architecture where all the spark components and layers are loosely coupled. This architecture is further integrated with various extensions and libraries. Apache Spark Architecture is based on two main abstractions: Resilient Distributed Dataset (RDD) Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)

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Azure SQL

Azure SQL Connectivity Performance Tips & Tricks

Azure SQL provides several connectivity options to cover different application scenarios. It is important to understand that they may have implications related to security and performance. In this episode with Silvano Corini, we will go through some tips & tricks that may help you to find the best for your needs. Resources: Simplify Authentication with […]

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