Day: January 19, 2021


High Impact Tuesday: Way of the Wolf

In today’s High Impact Tuesday, I follow up on an viewer suggestion and review “The Way of the Wolf” by Jordan Belfort. Get a free Audible book on me.

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AI Generative AI

OpenAI DALL·E: Fighter Jet For The Mind!

Two Minute Papers examines the research behind the  blog post on “DALL·E: Creating Images from Text.”

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A Developers Guide to IOT

Learn how to develop real-world Internet of Things solutions built with Microsoft Azure services from experts from around the world. In this single-day event, we will cover topics ranging from IoT device connectivity, IoT data communication strategies, use of artificial intelligence at the edge, data processing considerations for IoT data, and IoT solutions based on […]

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Future Robotics

An MIT Engineer Built His Own Bionic Leg

At MIT’s Media Lab, researchers are developing prosthetic limbs that users can control with their minds, making a robotic foot move as seamlessly as a biological one.

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Azure Data

Simplify Authentication with Managed Identities for Azure Resources

Managed Identities for Azure Resources can be leveraged to provide applications running on Azure Services with password-free access to Azure SQL databases and simplifying aspects like credential rotation and secrets management. In this episode of Data Exposed with Silvano Coriani, we’ll look at how it works and will see it in action Resources: Tutorial: Use […]

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