Day: January 18, 2021

Covid Pandemic Python

Fighting COVID with Python

Daan de Bruin’s presentation at PyData Eindhoven 2021 shows how Python can be used in the fight against COVID.

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Ask the Experts: Customer Experience Reimagined with AI

Observe.AI, part of the Microsoft for Startups program, is leveraging the power of voice and AI to empower contact center teams to enhance customer experience, improve agent performance, ensure compliance, and prevent fraud.

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Exploring the Databricks CLI – Secrets

Jon Wood shows us how to use the Databricks CLI to add secrets to an Azure Databricks Workspace.

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Azure DevOps

Project Bicep – Next generation ARM Templates

In this video, learn the what, why, and how of Project Bicep and how it’s going to make deploying infrastructure to Azure even easier. Learn More: Azure / BICEP on Github Azure DevOps Docs GitHub Actions Azure DevOps YouTube Create a Free Azure DevOps Account

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