Day: January 14, 2021

Mobile Privacy

Is Your Phone Spying on You?

In case you’re wondering why you would want to “de-Google” your phone, then watch this Al Jazeera documentary. In mid-2020, a mobile phone belonging to an Al Jazeera Arabic investigative team was hacked. Over the next few months, reporter Tamer Almisshal and the Canadian research group Citizen Lab investigated Pegasus, the sophisticated spyware used. Pegasus […]

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Power Apps

Using Power Apps Patch in Power Apps and Sharepoint

Learn how to use Power Apps Patch to update or insert into a SQL Server table or in this case, a SharePoint list. Brian also covers how to update into special data types like Choice and People Pickers.

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Azure Data

Azure Purview – First Look at Dataset Lineage

Advancing Analytics takes a look at the recently released Azure Purview. One of the major selling points of modern data catalogues is the ability to track data lineage – this is vital for both evaluating how trustworthy data is based on it’s source, but also performing impact analysis when working out what is consuming data […]

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WhatsApp Forces Users to Share Personal Data with Facebook?!

ColdFusion explores the recent controversial changes to the WhatsApp terms and conditions.

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AI Natural Language Processing

Intelligent AI Chatbot in Python

In today’s video, NeuralNine going to build an intelligent AI chatbot using neural networks and natural language processing in Python.

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Big Data

Is Apache Kafka 2.7 One Step Closer to Killing ZooKeeper

In this video Hussein Nasser goes through the new features in Apache Kafka 2.7, and examines the amount of work Apache Kafka is doing to get closer to removing ZooKeeper

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Covid Pandemic Robotics

Meet the Virus Killing Robot

CES is virtual this year and here’s one innovation by TRC Robotics that will kill viruses by leveraging UV-C light.

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Economics of AI Robotics

Meet California’s New Robot Farmers

Hello World’s Ashlee Vance heads out on Route 395 in a bid to see robots who have become farmers.

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