Day: January 7, 2021

Big Data Spark

Cost Efficiency Strategies for Managed Apache Spark Service

With cloud-native rising, the conversation of infrastructure costs seeped from R&D Directors to every person in the R&D: “How does much a VM cost?” “can we use that managed services? How much will it cost us with our workload??” “I need a stronger machine with more GPU, how do we make it happen within the […]

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Azure SQL

How to Troubleshoot Elastic Jobs in Azure SQL Database

In the final episode of this six-part series with Kate Smith, she walks us through some basic troubleshooting tasks related to Elastic Jobs in Azure SQL Database.

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Interesting Livestream

Reading is Fundamental: Tips on Speed Reading

On this livestream, I talk about the transformative power of reading more and the mega boost you get from speed reading. I tried to demo Kreeder, but the demo gods would not allow it.

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