Day: January 4, 2021

Big Data

Kafka + Spark Streaming + Hive Example

Davis Busteed walks us through building a proof of concept for Spark Streaming from a Kafka Source to Hive. Check out the README and resource files at 

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Data Driven Livestream

Livestream: 2021 is Here. Let’s Get to It!

Here’s a livestream I made this morning talking about one of the hardest work days of the year: the first Monday after the Holidays.

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Cryptocurrency Python

Bitcoin Mining with Only 15 Lines of Python Code

Bitcoin continues to hit all time highs. You can either buy it or mine it. codebasics shows us how to mine it with only 15 lines of Python code!

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A Tour of EF Core 5.0 Part 2

On the surface many-to-many in EF6 and EF Core look very similar. However, under the covers the design in EF Core 5.0 provides  more flexibility and power. In this episode, Arthur Vickers returns to chat some more with Jeremy about some of the new  features in Entity Framework Core 5. In particular, they’ll be diving […]

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Raspberry Pi

How to Build a Raspberry Pi Weather Station

ExplainingComputers build out a Raspberry Pi based weather station that reads temperature, pressure and humidity data from a BME280 sensor, and records it in a spreadsheet.

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Big Data Data Databricks

Achieving Lakehouse Models with Spark 3.0

It’s very easy to be distracted by the latest and greatest approaches with technology, but sometimes there’s a reason old approaches stand the test of time. Star Schemas & Kimball is one of those things that isn’t going anywhere, but as we move towards the “Data Lakehouse” paradigm – how appropriate is this modelling technique, […]

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Azure Data Factory

Great Azure Data Factory Tour

Jes Schultz is a Software Engineer at Microsoft, specializing in Azure data tools. She codes with customers to solve their data problems and build amazing software systems. Watch her speak to Data Engineering San Diego

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