Day: December 18, 2020


Festive Friday Livestream

To cap off a busy week after a few busy months, I decided to get festive and inspire folks to bounce back from the COVID economy.

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Summary of ALL Power BI updates in December 2020

Curbal walks us through the PowerBI December 2020 updates quickly so you can stay up to date with all the new features on Power BI Desktop, Power Query, Dataflows and Power BI service.

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Azure Computer Vision

What’s new with Image Captioning?

Learn about the latest research breakthrough in Image captioning and latest updates in Azure Computer Vision 3.0 API.

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Azure Containers

AKS on Azure Stack HCI

Azure Kubernetes Service on Azure Stack HCI is an on-premises implementation of the popular Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) orchestrator, which automates running containerized applications at scale. Azure Kubernetes Service is now in preview on Azure Stack HCI, making it quicker to get started hosting Linux and Windows containers in your datacenter.

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Superconductive Helps You Always Know What to Expect from Your Data

Join Adi Polak for an interesting conversation with James Campbell and Abe Gong of Superconductive  .  James and Abe share the story of how their startups started as an open source solution for Data Quality challenges. Why Data Quality issues are on the raise now. And how they still work closely with the community to develop […]

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Data Databricks MLOps

How to Develop ML-enabled Data Pipelines on Databricks with IDE & CI/CD

Data & ML projects bring many new complexities beyond the traditional software development lifecycle. Unlike software projects, after they were successfully delivered and deployed, they cannot be abandoned but must be continuously monitored if model performance still satisfies all requirements. Furthermore, we can always have new data with new structural and/or statistical characteristics that can […]

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How to Build a Startup with David Prosser from ComUnity

In this episode of Source Code, meet founder of ComUnity David Prosser. David talks about how hard it was to build his company (it nearly folded after a few months) whilst trying to balance being there for his family. Join us for a genuine, honest, raw interview, where David’s overwhelming message is that it’s OK […]

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Behind the Scenes Look at a Workplace Health & Safety Solution

Have you ever wondered how to build a workplace health & safety solution end-to-end? Teo De Las Heras from the Azure IoT team joins us to demo and explain the architecture of such as solution built on Azure with IoT services. Not only will you see the solution at work but you will also learn […]

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